Adding SSL to REST API

How do I enable SSL for algod node? to make RESTful API?

I recommend looking at using nginx reverse proxy to add your own HTTPS endpoint. A web search on ‘nginx ssl reverse proxy’ should get you started.

I did it, I was curious if I should change config.json file for NetAddress, EndPoint
should I leave it as is?

    "NetAddress": "",
    "EndpointAddress": "",

You would change EndpointAddress to a specific port if you want to ensure it’s fixed (the :0 means 'try port 8080 but if that isn’t available, pick one at random). If nginx is running on the same machine, you can leave the IP at If nginx is running on another host, you would either want to change that to your specific LAN IP or remove it (eg "EndpointAddress": ":8080").

ok I got it working!
thank you

checkout Algorand Multisender:



Very nice app! Did you post the code for this app?