Address Offline - No coin from the dispenser


After installation running this:
./goal node status -d data

I get this output:

Last committed block: 48632
Time since last block: 0.0s
Sync Time: 344.3s
Last consensus protocol: v0
Next consensus protocol: v0
Round for next consensus protocol: 48633
Next consensus protocol supported: true

But if i run:
./goal account changeonlinestatus -a GJYKVVDI2QLLDIEOMYXOT5HEFPEACAIBHXL2FJCAHR7DSOLPTNNRPAH2EQ -o -d ~/node/data

I get this:
couldn't find a satisfactory participation key database

I ask for coin at the dispenser, and recive a 200 response
But my account seems to be offline:
./goal account list -d ~/node/data

Any suggestions?


The Sync Time not being 0 means your node is still synchronizing with the block chain. TestNet is currently at block ~124600. Once your node has caught up you should see your account balance change.


Good, thank you David!
Now on the block explorer I see # 127,360
There is some open code for the explorer? I will like to try expose my explorer on my relay.
Also will like to know more about how to setup a Relay.


Before you move your account online, you first need to goal account addpartkey and after that you can goal account changeonlinestatus.

About relay node, right now by default node is not a “full node” aka “archive node”. So you need to change config file in data directory config.json and put there "Archival": true. If you didn’t create that file, most likely you only have config.json.example, just rename it to config.json and change Archival…

To be a relay node, you need to have port open, so other nodes can download block from you. If your node is internet accessible you can try to ask here I believe so they add your node to DNS.

As I understand there’s no gossip protocol for now, all is done through relay nodes that are set in DNS. Hopefully this will change latter…



thank you!
can you tell me what “round” stay for? I did every thing and it work, but setup an initial round of 1 and a final of 10000000 just in case… but not sure what round is about :slight_smile:


For convenience, you can use a large number range (like 10,000,000), but for security we recommend a small number. You would just need to make sure you have a mechanism in place to install new participation keys before the old ones expire.


If you want to provide a relay, the process is documented here:


Thank you Liz and David!


Setup completed. And email sent.

During setup I get just one error:
After the command:
sudo systemctl start algorand@$(systemd-escape /home/ubuntu/algorand/testnet/data/relay)
Recive this error:
Assertion failed on job for algorand@-home-ubuntu-algorand-testnet-data-relay.service.