Alert Hub app shows account offline

I signed up for Alert Hub but it shows off line for my account and shows keys as NA. I can check my Partkeys in my node and my node shows Consensus = true Alerthub is not showing my node status of my relay participation node. I wonder if when my node was panicking if it took me off line. Should I resend my status back to online on the mainnet?

Can you enter your address in a block explorer like
Does it say offline or online?

If it also says offline, it means that you did not register online to participate. See Register Online - Algorand Developer Portal

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Hello, Alex from the AlertHub team here. If your account shows as offline and your key as N/A it means that your key registration transaction has not gone through. We recommend the link Fabrice shared of how you can get your node back online, and you can check back on AlertHub to confirm it worked (it might take a few minutes for the key information to show up). Let us know if you have any further questions with AlertHub!

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Yeah shows off line so I need to flag it back on line when I get home.

Thank you for your assistance now I’m showing online. It’s showing my key as N/A and soft vote as N/A is that supposed to be that way?

update now showing my keys and soft votes on metrika

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Awesome! Glad the issue was resolved and you can now see your account’s information on AlertHub. Please let us know if you have any other questions!