Algorand BSN portal


I just tried to create an account on the new Algorand BSN portal. I received an auto-generated link to activate my account but clicking on the link gives me an error message. Is there anyone at Algorand who can help or anyone else have a similar issue?



Please check if it’s because they missed a slash right after the https. If so you can copy the link and add it back in the browser. It happens in day one and I just check it’s still the same.
HTH… kc


I’m looking into it right now.
Will fix this asap.
Thank you.


It work normal on our end.

Could you please try to paste the activation link in your browser instead of clicking on it directly?

Thanks! That worked. I appreciate your help.


Yes, this is still happening BTW, I see the text has a single slash in the confirmation/activation email text, with the link having a double slash when I hover over it, but when clicked google chrome tries to redirect to the single slash.