Algorand co-chains

Algorand Founder Silvio Micali shares details on the development of Algorand’s co-chain architecture that will expand even more possibilities for the Algorand ecosystem. Read his latest blog here:

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Really great. :slightly_smiling_face:.This solve another big problem in blockchain field, and algorand is becoming infinite. Waiting for the coming upgrade.

I am not sure whether a ‘layer-1 co-chain’ need an additional full-node server or not. If no need, then it is easy for new users to join in at a low cost and bring few risk/burden to the public permissionless chain.

In page 6 it is said: …but block generation in an Algorand co-chain can be
much faster…

It seems that a co-chain generates its own blocks, so I think that the co-chain is on an additional network with its own servers, it is not a virtual network in the main algorand chain.

The co-chains generates its blocks and can have a complete different consensus, the different in Algorand is that it will be able to interact with other co-chains and with the mainchain.

Is there any roadmap for co chain? Or when can we expect this co chain in algorand?

You can use now a private chain, the inter operable features I don’t know.

In co-chains,

  1. What will be the native tokens or coins for that co-chain?
  2. Will we be creating that in genesis block of co-chain?
  3. Is this native token assigned for validators to generate new blocks in co-chains?
  1. It depends on the co-chain, you will be able to issue as many tokens you want.
  2. You are able to create your own genesis assignments as in any private chain of Algos within the co-chain. I don’t think you will be able to create token assignations on the genesis since they aren’t created at that stage.
  3. The native token is the algo within the co-chains and the consensus is based on the allocation of this token. Of course, you can build a new consensus based on specific nodes.
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Got it! Thanks @pipaman for your clarification. :slight_smile:

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As per your statement @pipaman ,

“You can use now a private chain”

I have a question regarding that:
In future - after algorand implemented co-chain,
Can we migrate our current private chain directly into co-chain or we have to initialise co-chain separately?

I think that co-chains are private chains and they will keep compatibility but it is not part of the announcement.

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Okay. Thanks @pipaman.

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