Algorand Node not Syncing version 2.1.4 - Last block synced was 8734689

Algorand Node version 2.1.4 - Last block synced was 8734689(Augist 28th 2020) after that it has stopped syncing.Any help please . I tried to get to logs got the below info not sure if this of any help .
running Algorand node in Ubuntu machine from dockers.

{“Context”:“Agreement”,“Hash”:“VXIDWUGVCNCLKLPFIPP2I5KB62QXPVBZTNSVQVW52Q7JULYM6RTA”,“ObjectPeriod”:0,“ObjectRound”:8695855,“ObjectStep”:1,“Period”:0,“Round”:8695855,“Sender”:“4R3J36TDAQHBDBTYVM5OITASSH3GMMNSPS5BLB67FBLQKCP7U5NJ4HLKQE”,“Step”:2,“Type”:“VoteAccepted”,“Weight”:4,“WeightTotal”:2322,“file”:“trace.go”,“function”:“*tracer).logVoteTrackerResult”,“level”:“info”,“line”:477,“msg”:“vote accepted for {{} 0 AICDUO6E46YBJRLM4DFJPVRVZGOFTRNPF7UPQXWEPPYRPVGIMQMLY5HLFM VXIDWUGVCNCLKLPFIPP2I5KB62QXPVBZTNSVQVW52Q7JULYM6RTA COZKD3VMDLU5ZV4XR3ERX4VUTHYY3QA6ETQ6KLKUFLYTTMCC2FUQ} at (8695855, 0, 1)”,“time”:“2020-08-26T17:20:29.060854Z”}

8734689 is the last round supported by Algorand 2.0.6. This points out to an issue with algod not being up to date.

Can you check the algod running is indeed 2.1.4? Do you have multiple versions of algod on your system? Have you restarted the node after upgrading?

Can you run goal node version -v and goal node status?

8734689 - i guess this is the last round supported by 2.1.3.Before upgrading to 2.1.4 i did docker-compose down and after upgrading docker-compose up. and i dont have mutiple version of algorand in my machine

No, 2.1.4 is not a protocol upgrade, so you should be able to use 2.1.3 (even if upgrading to 2.1.4 is highly recommended for other reasons).

Which Docker container did you use for Algorand?
What I have seen is the following: your Docker container may update itself using unattended-upgrade or script. But then, if you do docker-compose down, docker-compose up, you are starting again from an older version, i.e., the last version the container was build from. You may therefore want to do:

docker-compose down
docker-compose build --pull --no-cache
docker-compose up

i have pulled algorand image 2.1.4 in my ununtu machine and used this image in docker-compose file, Below is the sample compose file , this is not the complete file…

version: ‘2’
image: algorand:2.1.4
container_name: algo8887
restart: always

This should be up to date.

Can you go inside the container:
docker-compose exec ... bash,
set properly $ALGORAND_DATA and run

./goal node status
./goal version -v
./algod -v