Algorand Scout Grant Fund launches and Reach becomes the first Scout

I am extremely excited to announce Reach’s involvement with the Algorand Scout Grant Fund.

The Algorand Scout Grant Fund was created by some members of the Algorand Community to provide the funds to support the growth of the Algorand Ecosystem.

So they asked me to help and be one of the first scouts. I thought about it long and hard before saying “yes” immediately. We’re looking for people that want to build infrastructure, applications, or educators and content creators too! The bottom line is if your plan makes the Algorand Ecosystem better we want to talk to you.

Questions? Post them here.

Ideas? Message me on Discord to iron out the details.


What’s the difference between this program and the Algorand foundation 250M grants program?

Can someone submit a project for both programs?

Are these two programs connected?

That’s a great question.

This program isn’t affiliated with Algorand Inc. or the Foundation at all. It’s a community ran grant program.

I’d say the major difference between the two is that this program is more of an outbound facing program. Where the scouts will communicate directly with the community to determine who should receive a grant.


How can I reach out to you on discord? Username?

Does this work for you?

I’m Chris Swenor on the Algorand servers.

Very interesting.
What is the total amount of funds allocated to this fund?

We are still currently figuring out what the cap is, but it will be measured in the millions.


Amazing initiative! great work! but just be careful not letting ethnicities , color and other 19th century discrimination drivers stop talents as I’m sure you think and are citizens of 21th century and democracy.

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