Algorand SDK for .NET?

In the future will be an sdk for .NET?

I think that is very important for Algorand ecosystem :wink:

I am using also Unity 3D engine and I would like to use Algorand for token and mini transaction in Virtual World!

(Project like: decentraland, cryptovoxels, etc…)

I see you use Bouncy Castle in java so in CSharp we can use:

For MessagePack use:

“MessagePack for C#(.NET, .NET Core, Unity, Xamarin)” di Yoshifumi Kawai

Can we start from Swagger KMD and ALGOD?

Please, let me know!

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Currently we do not have a planned .Net SDK, but this could change in the future. We do you swagger, so to implement a C# SDK, for example could be done very simply as we have a well defined Rest API. In fact we have a Rust SDK in the community that was developed in a Hackathon. As you mentioned you definitely could do this. If you decide to pursue this, definitely let us know!