Algorand Standard Assets uniqueness


I’ve noticed that alredy exist some ASA with the same Name and Unit name. Shouldn’t at least one of these two properties, other then the ID, be unique to ensure the uniqueness of the asset for non-expert users?

Both asset name as well as unit name are “user interface artifacts”.

It might be tempting to make them unique, but what would happen if someone would create two assets, one named “Dollar” and one named “D0llar”. Visually, they both looks the same ( almost; but some unicode characters might look exactly the same ), but the strings clearly won’t match.

You typically wouldn’t expect a database engine to treat two strings the same “out of the box”, right ? I think that making the unit name and assert name unique opens a rabbit hole, as it would create “bugs” on the third-party application when these would find out that the name is not guaranteed to be unique.

On the other hand, if there wouldn’t be any such assumption, then the problem wouldn’t be there to start with.


Fair enough! IDs are rightly a good univocal key, given that one can always virtualize it through the unit name.