Algorand testnet explorer


Hi all,

I have made a small Algorand testnet explorer. To make is somewhat more “Visible”. It is for now a project on the side running on some test hardware with no monitoring whatsoever so it can be down sometimes.

On the back-end runs a script that pulls the info from the chain into a postgresql database. (also no monitoring)

Feel free to use it and when you have ideas, find bugs, have additional info or the whole thing is down please send me message and I will look into it when there is time.

You can find it on:


This is great, thanks for sharing.


Awesome! Added to the TestNet Resources Topic.


That it’s awesome!
Good job!


Hey Kasper, the explorer is great, nice job! I believe it is currently reporting in microAlgos instead of Algos. We’re using micro in the metric prefix sense; its 10^-6 of 1 Algo (0.000001). I think it probably makes more sense to do the conversion and report out in Algos. Let me know if you have any questions!


Hi Paul,

Yes, you are totally right.
I have updated the stats page to report it in Algos.
The rest i will change later on.