Algorand wallet 3.1.0 lost all contacts

My Android Algorand wallet lost all of its contacts. Ver. 3.1.0.
Is it a new feature, or specific to my phone?

It happened to me too (on Android). Lost all my contacts.

@cusma and @Maugli, thanks for your feedback.

When we upgraded the app to the latest version, there was an unfortunate bug on Android that did indeed overwrite existing contacts. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience we’ve caused you.

As a result of this mistake on our parts, we’re adding a suite of tests centered around upgrading versions, so I’m confident this won’t happen again. We appreciate you sticking with us through our growing pains, and please reach out here or to if you’d like to continue this discussion.


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It happened again!
All my contacts have disappeared AGAIN from my Android Algorand Wallet! (Version 4.0.0 this time.)
I have a proposition: I could beta test the app before its release.


Wow, that’s horrible news! We tested this repeatedly, I wonder why it happened to you again. Maybe as we look into you, you could tell me how you actually go through the update? I’m assuming it updated automatically, but I’m just double checking.

Sorry again for the inconvenience. If we can’t figure out what happened, we’ll definitely add you as a beta tester.


Yes, it was an automatic update.