Algorand Wallet - Open Source

Because Algorand technology is cool, but official algo wallet is not open source nor is open source, we have decided to create open source wallet build with security in focus with multisignature capability and ASA management.

The project was not funded by Algorand, so we prefer a donation for the project to keep evolving. P65LXHA5MEDMOJ2ZAITLZWYSU6W25BF2FCXJ5KQRDUB2NT2T7DPAAFYT3U

Currently working features:

  • Creating wallet / Export wallet / Import wallet / Destroying wallet
  • Creating account, Creating multisign account, Adding public account
  • Account overview
  • Transaction overview
  • Sending algo payment, Signing and sending multisig payments
  • Multilanguage support
  • ASA/NFT creation

Source code: GitHub - scholtz/wallet
Running at:

Technology stack: Vue3, JsAlgoSDK, CICD to pure HTML+JS

If anybody wants to contribute please make the PR request or send me a direct message in this forum.


Wow! This is amazing, I did not know, wow, Cool man!

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I will read the code thoroughly first free time I get to be inspired by (although I’m more a ReactJS Guy), sorry I did not know before, it’s awesome contribution I’m sure.


Perhaps you can consider translating it to italian :slight_smile: It should take less then an hour… The translation is standard i18n json file

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I am not Italian my friend and I already started to learn Italian because I’m moving to Italy based on my startup share holding. I do not think you want a beginner to do that.

At first I thought you replied on my post and since that’s my repo I do not hesitate to add Italian translation using Google translate! but when it’s other’s property I would not dare touch what I do not know enough about

no worries… it is better to have native speaker do the translations. i thought you are from the italy because of your profile

Tutto è meglio professionale

Amazing project. I’m Italian, I’ll send you the translated file within an hour :+1:

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I have received 1 ALGO to the account without any problems, but when I try to send 0.95 back I get

Error: Payment has probably not reached the network. Are you offline? Please check you account

Amount: 0,950000 ALG
Fee: 0,001000 ALG
Total: 0,951000 ALG

This is a great idea. I have been curious why the only official wallet is not provided as open-source - this should amplify the brainstorming with various perspectives. We should definitely throw this question during the upcoming AMA on June 18th - Algorand Governance and Node Running Open Session

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Hi, I am not able to replicate this issue.

Btw, for technical issues can you please open issue in github? I think it is better suited place for it… Lets have here some generic discussion about the a-wallet… The github is Issues · scholtz/wallet · GitHub

I have created first video how to use the wallet… A Wallet basic usage - YouTube

Any feedback appreciated

Now it has been released (maybe this project made them speed up a bit?). :wink:


As has been posted several times on forums, discord, etc, we are currently in the process of open sourcing the official Algorand Wallet. Happy to see additional open source projects in the ecosystem though!


New video -

In video you can see

  • How to create wallet
  • How to create account
  • How to opt in for ASA
  • How to withdraw USDt from exchange
  • How to pay USDt with QR code
  • How to withdraw USDt to the exchange

Vanity address support is implemented in AWallet

Great new feature! :white_check_mark:

A similar vanity address generator can be found here:

To save energy (and save the Earth), python can be used. See the PureStake solution here: Utility to Generate Vanity Algorand Addresses | PureStake

Also, at the beginning of the Bitcoin era there were several programs which were written for video cards, and generated vanity addresses even more efficiently. I wonder if these can be modified for Algorand…

Great feedback… thx… fixed the autolock (will not lock while the search is in place, so use with caution)

I cannot do anything with the speed thou, because it is the JS library that limits the computation… I have added there the benchmark so that anyone can compare performance between other vanity address calculators…

My computer handles something over 250 accounts check per second… what are your stats?

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