Algrorand token deve

Hello community, I need an expert Dev that can develop algrorand token for our project

Hi, @Sileit , welcome to the Algorand Forum.
Tell some more about the project, project scope, and possible renumeration of the expert, please.

We want to create an ASA ($HELLO) on Algorand that incentivizes users based on performing activities on our app,
Please explain what you are capable of doing so we can use your full range of skills. Please list your skill sets starting with the most advanced. We are interested in building on Algorand ,

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Hi broo

I dont understand your request… you can create asa in 5 seconds on algorand

you did manage to get 300k grant from the foundation?

I need an expert algo block-chain developer that can develop algrorand token for our Project

You might want to take a look at Props. That’s their main product.