App PoC - Algochat



I want to share a PoC app mounted in the TestNet.
It’s basically a funny public chat room that I made last weekend, so nothing too fancy.

The main idea behind the app:
• Try the Go SDK
• Use the note field in the transactions to encode arbitrary data.
• It can be thought of an event-sourcing design.
• You’ll see any messages that any other user sent. Since it shows messages of the last hour, you can send a message, close the app, and re-open it so it will re-sync (the app doesn’t persist anything on disk)

In the Github repo you can see more details about the implementation of this PoC. The last section of the can give some ideas for future versions of the REST API/SDKs.

20s demo:



This is amazing. One of the first things I was reminded of when I discovered that Algorand has a note field was Zcash’s Z-Board. I’m astounded that you already built it!


:clap: :clap: :clap: This is really cool, Ignacio!


Tried it out for myself finally. Well done - that is really cool!


This is really awesome. I tested this today and got in touch with [ihagopian]. My imgur snapshot: . One cool application I was thinking is that, it’s probably possible to send/transfer algos coin over the chat. Eventually it may allow creating a Venmo like anonymous payment chat service. Would like to know your thoughts.


Thanks Andy!

Yes, I agree with you that would be interesting. I considered adding commands, similar to IRC, to make that actions (/action param1 param2 ...), but finally decided was out of the scope.

I also considered doing a web UI. Despite is not difficult, frontends aren’t my thing for hobbie projects. Thus, I decided on doing the console UI; not ideal for good impact but enough for a PoC. :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested in investing in v2, I think that an open-sourced Web version would be nice:
SPA frontend + JS SDK + consider using a public archival node for sending tx + creating a dynamic link to algoexplorer to see the raw tx in the ledger = bigger audience & lower the barrier of trying the TestNet & JS SDK usage example

That would be a bit of work, but totally possible.

I also brainstormed with @andriko and we also consider that building some kind of Web Playground (similar to Go playground) to test APIs would nice too.