ASA asest ID not found in my pera wallet collectibles (TESTNET)

Hello guys,

I cannot search for an NFT (ASA) I have created, it currently shows “Not Found” in the collectibles tab in my pera algo wallet this happens when I try to search for the assets with ID (96371419) to opt-in so I could receive the nft .

please how do I resolve this and make this asset show as a collectible in my pera wallet?

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Welcome to Algorand!

Are you sure your Pera Wallet is set up to use TestNet (in Settings wheel on bottom right → Developer Settings → Node Settings)?
On my Pera Wallet, after switching to TestNet, I see the asset:

(you also need to switch to “All” instead of “Verified”)

Hi Fabrice thanks for your response,

yes, is set up to use testnet.

here is a screenshot of the collectible screen I tried to search for the assets ID

PeraWallet has some additional requirements regarding where the NFT is stored.
See NFT Parser Specs - Pera Docs

In general, nowadays for PeraWallet related enquiries, their Discord is a better place.

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