ASA limit reasons

Hi all,

i was wondering about the limit of 1000 ASA per account: what’s the actual reason behind this choice?
Suppose i want to develop an application on Algorand based on trading of NFTs? Is there any workaround that does not imply the use of FTs ?

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May I add to your question? I didn’t know about this limit. Is that a limit of 1000 ASA tokens, or 1000 types of ASA tokens?

It’s 1000 ASAs.
But for each ASA you have, there is no limit on the balance you can have.

You can have 1,000,000 USDC and 100,000 USDT for example.

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When AVM 1.0 comes out this limit is likely have a much much higher limit. Currently, you can always create additional accounts.

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$1.1million - no problem. :grinning: