Assert in TEAL: Referenced program Counter vs Dryrun

When an assert opcode is hit, the “logic eval” error plus the program counter information will be emitted to client code. But the pc reported seems to be different from the pc column a dryrun will dump. I’m correct?

I’m not sure why that’d be, I think they both use the same underlying assembly logic to get the pc but dryrun does sometimes have some different behavior.

This pr was just merged to give a more dev friendly error message

And I closed it but had submitted a pr to provide a line number to PC mapping at compile time

You may be able to build a local branch using that pr to get the line=>pc and check it matches what you expect.

Are you able to give any more information about what you’re seeing?

This is really great, I was asking myself about some assembly-source mapping approach. I will check it locally.
Thank you.