BetaNet Update 3.13.1

go-algorand v3.13.1-beta is planned to be released on Thursday December 15th, 3:30pm EDT (8:30pm UTC).


This release contains performance improvements to logic signature processing and minor enhancements.

What's New

  • Optimize CheckSignature
  • Metrics reporting clean up
  • Add version to langspec.json



  • Enhancement: adding version to langspec (#4883)
  • Metrics: split alive check counter between early/dead (#4898)
  • Teal: optimize CheckSignature (#4893)
  • Langspec: adding version to langspec (#4883)
  • Testing: defi txn group benchmark (#4886)
  • Not yet enabled - Rest API: make the data endpoints public (#4900)
  • Docs: update API docs, remove unused codegen configs (#4896)
  • Metrics: update some new metric names (#4899)

Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a protocol upgrade.

Additional Resources