BetaNet Update 3.25.0

Betanet was updated to 3.25.0 today, Wednesday June 12, 2024 at 10:30AM EDT (14:30 UTC). This release does not contain a consensus upgrade.


What's New

  • Network optimization - fixes for ERL resources management
  • Performance enhancement - add expired stake cache to reduce db lookups
  • Miscellaneous debugging improvements
  • Other bug fixes, test improvements, and optimizations


New Features

  • REST API: /debug/settings/pprof admin endpoint for debugging (#6018)


  • Agreement: log current player state for VoteBroadcast and ProposalBroadcast events (#6007)
  • Build: bump The Go Programming Language from 0.17.0 to 0.23.0 (#5979)
  • Ci: upgrade github checkout action to v4 (#6010)
  • Cicd: Update to switch e2e_expect to large (#6004)
  • Ledger: introduce expired stake cache (#6014)
  • Metrics: Add TagCounterFiltered metrics for handler calls (#6013)
  • Typos: Correct some spelling mistakes (#6001)


  • Cicd: update OS support in test release script (#6012)
  • Logger: fix data race in tests (#5999)
  • Tests: set communication timeout in kmd.init_wallet_handle (#6021)
  • Tests: Fix flakey htlc test (#6017)
  • Tests: Fix e2e kmd timeout (#6016)
  • Tests: Fix flakey ECDSA testing (#6005)
  • Tools: Fix Cloudflare SRV update utility after API change (#6020)
  • Txhandler: fixes to ERL resources management (#6019)

Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a protocol upgrade.

vFuture changes are not yet available in MainNet or TestNet but can be used in private networks.

  • AVM: incentive opcodes (#5984)

Additional Resources

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