BetaNet Update 3.6.0

We are planning a go-algorand v3.6.0-beta release on Monday, May 2nd, at 10:30 AM EST. This release does not contain a consensus upgrade.


Maintenance release of incremental enhancements and fixes.

What’s New

  • Minor enhancements to logging
  • Improved debugging support in tealdbg
  • Golang 1.16 upgrade
  • Upgrade arm32 builder to use arm32v7 (deprecates raspberry pi 1 support)


New Features

  • AVM: vFuture: inner appls can call v4 (#3896)
  • Goal: Source Mapping PC to TEAL (#3726)


  • AVM: Deadcode and basic block analysis (#3870)
  • AVM: Perform json_ref expected type validation before expensive JSON processing (#3866)
  • AVM: Extract divideCeilUnsafely to help document opcode costing rationale (#3867)
  • AVM: Assembly simplification & flexible costs (#3857)
  • AVM: Rework around opcode fields for more flexible costs (#3832)
  • AVM: Improve error handling and execution time (#3612)
  • Agreement: add counters for dropped tasks and slow responses (#3861)
  • Agreement: report proposal and vote message buffer sizes at end of round (#3932)
  • Algod: Write to stdout when config.LogSizeLimit is 0 or -o is passed to algod. (#3903)
  • Algod: Add disassemble endpoint (#3908)
  • Algonet: use lower value of LastPartKeyRound for bootstrappedScenario (#3865)
  • Build: use 1.16.15 instead of 1.16.11 (#3833)
  • Build: add build essentials to dependency list (#3782)
  • Build: update build dependencies to use go 1.16 (#3816)
  • Build: compile with golang 1.16 (#3803)
  • Build: Update build image from arm32v6 to arm32v7 (#3933)
  • Ci: remove buildpulse upload step (#3883)
  • Ci: add test partitioning based on partition test verifier output (#3859)
  • Config: add some warning comments about changing RewardUnit value (#3846)
  • Devmode: create a block for external txns only (#3784)
  • Devops: Txnsync recipe updates (#3906)
  • Devops: Added recipe for transaction sync testing. (#3884)
  • Enhancement: Nightly e2e test upload (#3849)
  • Enhancement: Re-enable fillBytes method in ABI and eval.go implementation (#3856)
  • Goal: Add asset optin command (#3881)
  • Goal: Set default key dilution to be the same as algokey (#3801)
  • Goal: Warn on invalid method signature assembly (#3614)
  • Kmd: use updated karalabe lib (#3819)
  • Ledger: test OnlineAccountData (#3831)
  • Ledger: Refactor online totals (#3770)
  • Netdeploy: Add override to enable devmode for a network template. (#3904)
  • Netdeploy: Allow empty private network directory. (#3911)
  • Prefetcher: improve error codes (#3815)
  • REST API: Check for pending transactions in most recent rounds first. (#3836)
  • REST Client: always set Exclude value in accountInformationParams (#3728)
  • Tealdbg: Support for StepOver and refactoring object IDs (#3653)
  • Tealdbg: Replace LocalRunner.Run with LocalRunner.RunAll (#3805)
  • Telemetry: report heartbeat metrics as JSON numbers (#3802)
  • Tests: Disable bandwidth pprof svg generation by default (#3779)


  • AVM: Fix langspec (and some disassembly errors) for itxn_field (#3869)
  • AVM: Add acct_params_get to langspec.json (#3862)
  • AVM: getbyte and setbyte description to say index must be within length of array (#3772)
  • Algocfg: Fix algocfg get for non-string parameters. (#3907)
  • Algod: Fix issue with nil accounts in local-deltas array (#3790)
  • Algokey: clarify error messages. (#3727)
  • Bug-fix: ABI inferToSlice nil testcases (#3826)
  • Bug-fix: ABI encode infer to slice IsNil handler removal (#3823)
  • Diagcfg: Allow diagcfg to create logging.config in data directory. (#3912)
  • Goal: Rename source map output file (#3905)
  • Goal: Add check for signer passed in the case of logic sig rekeyed account (#3773)
  • Ledger: fix possible dbRound unsynchronization for trackers and registry (#3910)
  • Tests: fix TestAcctUpdateslookupLatestCacheRetry (#3804)
  • Tests: avoid generating large output on TestDeadlockLogging (#3771)
  • Utils: add arm32-specific NanoSleep implementation (#3930)


Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a protocol upgrade.

vFuture changes are not yet available in MainNet or TestNet but can be used in private networks.

Additional Resources

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This release is delayed; will update soon.