BetaNet Update: Planned Network Restart - Version 2.0.7.beta

A BetaNet reset is planned to take place on Tuesday, December 3rd on or after 4 PM EST.

What to Expect

  1. On or after 4 PM EST on Tuesday, December 3rd, we will reply to this thread alerting the community that the restart is about to occur.
  2. Once this process begins, we anticipate about a 30-minute delay before the network is reconfigured and up and running again.
  3. Once the new network is running, we will post here again to let everyone know that they can reconnect.
  4. Users must actively stop their node, delete their betanet data directories, and restart their node in order to connect to the network. Directions to do this are shown below.

How to Reconnect to BetaNet

  1. Stop the Algorand betanet node:
goal node stop -d ${ALGORAND_DATA}
  1. Delete all the ledger history files and participation keys:
find ${ALGORAND_DATA} -path "*/betanet-v1.0/ledger.*" -delete
find ${ALGORAND_DATA} -path "*/betanet-v1.0/*.partkey" -delete
  1. Restart the node:
goal node start -d ${ALGORAND_DATA}
  1. (Optional) If you previously created and registered participation keys, you will need to regenerate those keys and reregister them on the reset network. Follow instructions here for generating participation keys:

What does this mean for my node and accounts on BetaNet?

This means that all of the funds in your accounts will be reset to 0 (unless they are part of the genesis block) and your node will stop working unless you take action to reconnect it to the network.

Why does BetaNet require a reset?

A key purpose of BetaNet is to gather feedback and iterate on new features before deploying them to MainNet and TestNet. This often leads to more frequent version updates on BetaNet and sometimes the upgrade path becomes incompatible with MainNet and TestNet. Resetting the ledger allows us to re-align the upgrade path and ensures that BetaNet mirrors TestNet and MainNet until a new set of features requires testing.


Thanks for the heads up Liz!

I’ll be taking the Betanet offline at 4PM, and update this forum once it’s back online.

Just to be clear, there is also an upgrade implied in the change of version numbers. We’ll plan on that as well as the ledger work.

The upgrade to the betanet relays and voting nodes is complete.
If you’ll follow @liz instructions above, you should end with a working node.