Building a Tree Cadastre DApp

Dear Algorand developers,

I am looking for programmers for my project to build a tree cadastre based on blockchain technology.
I am working as a tree inspector in Vienna, Austria for half a year now and we are lacking systems that can be further developed and connected to future technologies, such as one from MojoVision.

I am also posting here my call for cooperation on LinkedIn.

I hope for like-minded people who want to make a name for themselves as successful pioneers.

Hi, @B0nst3r!

First of all, you must realize that every blockchain is a public database, where you can append new data to the chain, and everybody sees this data.

Then you should have a clear plan: what kind of data to store on the blockchain.
E.g.: LAT, LON, tree type, height, width, pic1 filename, pic2 filename, etc.
For pictures you could use an external cloud store, e.g. Pinata.

The data could be stored in transaction notes field: 1 Kbyte data for 0.001 Algo, (i.e. 0.00025 EUR).
Let us assume that the number of trees is 500 thousand in Vienna, then all this data could be stored as notes for 500 Algo (i.e. 125 EUR). That cost is negligeble, compared to the development cost.

The tree record could be “deleted” or “updated”, if you also have such a field in the final JSON structure.

A small demo system can be written, using the PureStake API. Purestake has a full node, and also a DB, and all blockchain data is available by using a standard rest API.

If I were you, I would write a summary about the requirements, then the list of available data per tree, and build a small demo system using the tranacation note field.

There are other possibilities, e.g. using boxes, but it seems to me that these are not necessary for a tree cadaster, at least at the beginning. Also, boxes are much more costly (1 KByte is approx. 4 Algos)

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