Can a smart contract creator opt-out a subscribed account or alternatively alter its local data?

I’m trying to find the best way to write a smart contract that can handle a rent agreement between a landlord and multiple tenants and I have a few issues trying to design it as an Algorand smart contract. My main issue now - assuming I have one smart contract, and each tenant opts-in, how can the landlord terminate the contact? Is there a way for him as a owner to instruct the smart contract to subscribe a specific account or alternatively to mark in the local storage of that subscribed account that the rent is terminated - meaning alter the local storage for a subscribed account?

Hi @liorc,

Other accounts can write smart contract users’ local state if the TEAL logic has been designed accordingly. In other words, trough TEAL logic, you can allow other accounts to modify specific K/V pairs in subscribed users’ local state. In your case, for example, this authority could be assigned just to the contract creator account or the landlord (if different from the contract creator).

So for example: you could have a rentContractExpired K/V pair in users’ local state and let the landlord set it True or False based on some conditions, like: rent has not been paid or contract expiring date has been reached.