Cannot import generated application client in webpack build [beaker-ts]

I have application client, generated by beaker-ts (^0.0.61).

Importing this client in my application (built with webpack) results in this:

Assuming that on frontend I don’t need generator anyway, I tried to exclude this module from build at all (using IgnorePlugin). But error then just moves into another place (‘application_client/logic_error.js 22:5’).

So the problem must be either in beaker’s source code, or in my webpack setup.

Any advice about what to look at?

Hi jeron,

Nothing obvious to me from just this, could you file an issue on the beaker-ts github repo with some more details and we can take it up there?


Done: Is beaker-ts intended to use in browser? · Issue #20 · algorand-devrel/beaker-ts · GitHub

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