Circle, USDC and TEAL

I want to integrate usd payments into my app, it looks like I can only use circle.
I would need the user to send usd but call a teal contract, how would this work?

Would it be like Circle-> payment received usd → usdc → teal contract asset id 31566704?

Also is there any alternatives than circle? Very hard to register

What are your requirements on your website? Do you run eshop, do you want to have just the donate button, or what do you want?

If you want the payment gateway to redirect back to your website after payment with tx info, you can do it without any middleman using AWallet for example:

Example link - Pay 10 USDt

I would need to allow users to use credit card, take usd, then swap into usdt into teal.
I wouldn’t need to use teal if it’s an online store or donations, so it is something more involved than shopping.

Conversion of USD to USDt or USDc is the most risky procedure, because any bank payment can be reversed… If you for example give client USDt and you get it from credit/debit card, and client asks for cancellation of payment, you will be the one who looses money…

So if you need your client to pay in your teal smart contract, it is better to tell client to buy USDt or USDc at the exchange, and pay to you using the asset… You dont have to bear the risk by doing the card payments

So could you please describe your use case little more?

That’s not good. This is very hard to get people to adopt to crypto.

It is not the issue of crypto… If you use paypal, when you reach some level of turnover, the paypal do the “temporary hold” and they take something like 20% of all your revenue for about the month… We have service for converting paypal statements to iso 20022 statements to be inserted into the accounting software the same way as the bank statements, and all big clients suffer from this…

You can accept credit card payments from other credit card providers, and it does not really matter if you do it for crypto business or you do the standard eshop…

I get what you’re saying but as a first image, it is just not enticing to users at all, especially when you’re a startup.

perhaps it is the competitive advantage because the eshop that accepts usdt can spend this usdt in some other eshop, and all this market creates the economy around it proxied by the exchanges or some swap services

I’m not an eshop. I see it as an inconvenience to users, get usd to usdt. You want users onboard quickly, not do extra process and on top of waiting to sign contracts. The user experience isn’t good, this is more general cryptocurrency.
Anyways I have no choice here (only solution seems to be circle, but charge 1k a month, high barrier to entry. It’s not good for encouraging crypto community honestly) but hope we all build more and people adopt.

You could use a buffer account. If you accept the risk of payments being reversed, you could use a USD payment into a normal fiat account, on the callback drain the equivalent amount from a USDt/c buffer. When necessary, you would then top up the buffer using any method you choose.