Compilation error

Dear all
I plan to set up an auction. When I set up algod and debug the program “algod/main.go”, the console show compliation error. The specific information is as follow:

go build g++: exec: “g++”: executable file not found in $PATH

Is it missing relevant documents or other errors?

It is in general simpler to binaries: Algorand Developer Docs

If you want to compile the software yourself, instructions are here: go-algorand/ at master · algorand/go-algorand · GitHub
You cannot just use go build.

How do you plan to set up an auction?

Thanks, I’m not talking about installing algorand according to the official website tutorial, I plan to run through the source code by myself.
Setting up an auction has a tutorial in go-algorand/auction/readme.

go-algorand/auction at master · algorand/go-algorand · GitHub is a very old way of doing auctions before smart contracts were supported on Algorand.

Nowadays, you most likely want to write a smart contract for that purpose: Algorand Developer Docs

OK, I plan to write a smart contract. Thank you