Compile app without request to algod

Hi, is there any way to fully compile dapp in javascript without making compile request to the algod?

I dont see the reason for making such request because the javascript is fully capable of making the bytecode from the list of instructions… Am I wrong?

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The expected path for the developer is to use ‘goal’ for compiling AVM code.

However, there is no reason there wouldn’t be a javascript assembler. Note that it’s not a trivial task implementing such an assembler.

so the info is that it is not at the moment on the roadmap? i understand that js can handle it, and additional costs with maintaining the js compiller might not be minimal, but still i think it might be interesting algorand feature… value added is however minimal because it is possible to do with the request to the algod, and the results of this feature is just to cut some traffic, easy algod servers, and security

You got it right.

I agree that it would be nice-to-have feature, but given the continued ongoing costs and the absence of clear gains, I do not believe that Algorand would pick up this challenge.

If you could find a concrete application, that has a notable monetary value, which would require this feature, please don’t hesitate to bring this up.