Here’s my situation. I’m trying to create an NFT on the Testnet so, later on, I can see it in my wallet. After looking in the Algorand Dev Portal, I have found some code snippet. Although, a repit with CreateNFTJavaScript is provided.

I’m trying to use the CreateNFTJavaScript provided by the Algorand Dev Portal. Although, when I follow every step asked in the console, I always end up running into that error.

If that’s the official code provided by the Algorand Dev Portal, is it possible to create an NFT on the Testnet? If so is there any ressource that explain how to properly do it?

Thanks for your time it’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

Welcome to Algorand!

It is possible to create an NFT on TestNet.
It looks like you may not have defined the suggested parameters correctly.

You can see there Create an NFT - Algorand Developer Portal
a link to a full REPL that works: CreateNFTJavaScript - Replit

I’m guessing you miss something like the line:

    const params = await algodClient.getTransactionParams().do();

You may even just be missing the await.