Creating fungible assets

I am looking at starting up a small project with a friend and we are wanting to do some proof of concepts on Algorand. The main problem we face is to create an asset that has the same ID (meta or otherwise) as anyone else that has that asset.

So for example, say an NPC vendor in a game is selling potions. Each Health potion would have the same id so the game knows what to load. Ideally, the indexing / lookup for this info is fast (i can take the speed hit elsewhere).

Am i on the right path to just “create assets” and I can name them the same thing like “Potion” as the asset name?

Also with this problem is the vendor can’t run out of the item. So the vendor should never run out of potions.

Any help in addressing these problems would be a huge help. Thanks!

I don’t know the rate of consumptions of those “Potions” in game, but I suppose you can specify a huge total supply for that ASA (the maximum is 2^64) so that, although being hard capped, those potions are “virtually” unlimited.

Perfect, that is more than enough as our scope is closer to the <500M and an amazing success would see maybe 1B of them sold in total, across multiple years.

Thanks a ton!

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