Cross Chain Collaborations on Governance?

Huhuu and happy day everyone.

Ah, and happy new year for sure.

First of all I want to thank everyone involved and engaged in spending time to ideate and experiment new Governance systems, processes, tools and everything around the emergence of Blockchain based Governance. The work which has been done in this ecosystem is mindblowing and inspiring.

When looking at Blockchain Governance, from a very own perspective, I think it’s a healthy approach to not focus on a specific Blockchain and its emerging governance structures but on the Blockchain space in general.

There are several DLT/Blockchain ecosystems and communities, deeply thinking and working on new governance for their environments, yet… There is a deep lack of communication and collaboration across DLT/Blockchain ecosystem and efforts are often done in silos. Achievements or failures from one ecosystem are rarely communicated or visible to other ecosystems which leads to a certain duplication of efforts while all ecosystems work pretty much on solving the same challenges.

Right now, there seems a strong momentum at several Ecosystems which take a pretty similar approach in solving Governance challenges. The current approach relies on open processes where communities are able to submit “Improvement Proposals” in order to improve specific processes, structures, platforms etc.

Some of them are:

Algorand - your ARC process/model

Cardano - CIPs

Mina - MIPs

Proposals would then go through a QA ( Quality Assurance ) / Auditability process where submitted proposals are checked on specific parameters/criteria.

Ideally, one Proposals are audited and the community built a strong consensus around suggested improvement, the presented improvements then would be implemented.

Well, what i write here is a rough and high level view on these processes and if we look close on any of these initiatives we will discover quite fast that there are far more questions, topics and deep & dark rabbit holes than ( once again, this is a very personal opinion ) one single ecosystem is able to answer.

So, the point I want to make…

When we look at the DLT/Blockchain ecosystem, the highest focus from the wider community is unfortunately on the related cryptographic currencies which each of the Blockchains developed & use. Well, i dont think that the Crypto Currencies are the only or even strongest use case which a blockchain would be able to deliver to the wider world. Yet, as there is this massiv focus on Crypto currencies, it has been an unfortunate evolution that the general vibe is often about championing specific blockchains only for the price value of their currencies, and we see that public influencers down-rate specific ecosystems. This leads to a very weird environment where Blockchain protocol, ecosystems and communities are presented as hardcore competitors and each other’s “killers”. I am strongly against that perspective and I think that we could/should learn with and from each other….at the very end all of us work for the same larger vision.

We want to build effective improvements and evolutions to the current economic and governmental systems in which we live.

This text, ideally, is an appel on starting conversation across ecosystems and communities and a maybe naive attempt on raising awareness on each other’s current paths and approaches on how Governance challenges are taken and solved from different ecosystems.

I think that we actually need each other and that all of us would highly benefit from opening up each other’s experience and expertise.

We may play in different teams, but hey, we definitely play the same sport… aren’t we ?

What are your thoughts on the words above, which perspectives, ideas or visions do you have on potential cross chain collaboration on Governance ?

Thanks a lot for your time reading these words.

In deepest Respect and appreciation for everyone’s work here… Please stay awesome…



This very text was initially posted by myself on the Cardano Forum

Hi Felix…

I agree there is a lot of governance silos and the main thing is start to communicate…

So how do you like the Vote Coin specs? Vote coin specs has been created to do onchain decision making… It was actually written in the blockchain agnostic way, but requires from the “blockchain” that users can write data to it, and can fetch the data from it. Also if voting is not 1 account 1 vote, requires to have ability to check the balance. Algorand provides zero cost super fast data storage using transaction note field with ability to query every asset holder at any block round and efficient way to search for these txs.

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Takes some time to deepdive and understand basics the Vote Coin specs… from what i saw & understood so far is that this is definitely in advance to what we have at Cardano with the CIP process which is mainly made to the “human readable” but not that much “machine readable” and which raises quite some struggle to transform that now into a more machine readable structure… What you guys did with the Vote Coin specs could actually help us quite a lot on this path.

A concern I’d have is that focus on “machine readable” input could only be generated by strongly technically trained participants and can exclude quite some parts of a participating community which do not have any developer background ?

Would you be up for a call somewen in the close future to have a chat and introduce & explain some of the Vote Coin specs parts and topics ?