Does Algorand have a Defi Exchange like Uniswap and Pancakeswap?

Hi. Two questions.

  1. Do Algo tokens have a defi exchange like Uniswap or Pancakeswap, where newly created Algorand tokens can be instantly traded? If not, is Algorand building this?

  2. If I create an Algorand token on Algodesk using a private key from my wallet, can I then rekey that wallet to improve the security of it? If re-keyed, can i still modify that token later, that is, execute the “freeze, unfreeze and revoke,” functions?

Thanks for any insight anyone has. Much appreciated.

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As for your questions:

  1. As far as I know, neither Algorand Inc, nor the Algorand Foundation provides such a service. I saw a mention earlier on reddit for a 3rd party which is in the process of developing that service. Note that Algorand Inc are generally more focused around building the infrastructure that would enable the development of these applications rather than implementing these application.
  2. The token is associated with an account. As long as you have the keys for the that account ( whether these are the original keys or the re-keyed keys ), you will be able to perform all the operations on the asset. ( I’d like to note that I’m not sufficiently familiar with either Algodesk or the Algorand wallet; my comments here are on the protocol level )
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Thanks Tsachi. That’s what I thought and very helpful.

We are actively working on UniSwap for Algorand. We believe that we have fully working product.

We have applied for a Grant to the Foundation and currently talking with liquidity providers.


This is cool Krotkiewicz and something we could use. We recently created an ASA token on the Algorand blockchain called Nitros (NTRO), which we’ll use to power a Smart NFT platform we’re building. We’re early in this development process, but having a way to exchange Nitros would be great.


It would be cool if Algo had Dex like unswap.

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When are you guys expected to complete? Will clients be able to connect pricing like via api? And where can I follow you?

(Sorry loads of questions)

Algodex is in the works -

That’s the only one that I’m aware of at this point.

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