Double Checking Wallet Phrase

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I have searched through the forum and I have not quite found the answer to a couple of questions about wallets:

  1. How do I double check that I copied the pass phrase correctly when I created a wallet using the command
    goal wallet new
    In other words, I don’t want to wait until I need to recover the wallet to learn that the phrase I have does not actually recover it.
  2. Is it possible to show the phrase again? I found a posting that implied it was possible with the SDK, but the links to the examples were broken.

Thank you for any help,

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One solution to check your passphrase is to create a new data directory, copy the genesis block, start the node, and import back the wallet.
Something like (assuming $ALGORAND_DATA contains your current data folder):

mkdir ~/tmp-algorand
cp $ALGORAND_DATA/genesis.json ~/tmp-algorand
goal node start -d ~/tmp-algorand
goal wallet new test -r -d ~/tmp-algorand
# type your mnemonic
goal account new -d ~/tmp-algorand
goal account list -d ~/tmp-algorand

That should list the same first account as on your real wallet (goal account list without the -d option).

Then you can cleanup with:

rm -rf ~/tmp-algorand # cleanup
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Can you point out to the broken example, so that we can fix it?

You should be able to use this REST endpoint: Algorand Developer Docs

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Hi fabrice,

Thank you for your reply. Here is the post I was talking about:


Thanks! I’ve added proper links for Python and Go. I’m not sure if there are examples in Java and JS, but all the SDKs work the same and the code can be easily adapted.