Fastcatchup instructions unclear on

Hello all,

The “Sync Node Network using Fast Catchup” section of the “Install a Node” tutorial is confusing because it provides the commands for a Ubuntu installation without stating it and does not include the commands for a Debian installation.

On my Debian installation, the fast catchup steps were (for the testnet):

sudo systemctl start algorand
goal node catchup 13310000#Y5PTA3HMZ54ZRJ2KW5UGED7IJMZMU6RPYOWNKO6W636DCEI6PITA

goal node status -w 100

These are quite different from the steps shown in this section, which do not work for a Debian installation. How can I help improving this document?

Thank you.

Welcome to Algorand!

Thanks for the feedback!
The developer documentation is open source here docs/ at staging · algorand/docs · GitHub
and anyone is welcome to do a Pull Request to improve it.