FedCoin is NOT coming

Sorry, correction:
On July the 1st, 2023 comes the FedNow:

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On July the 1st, 2023 comes the FedCoin:

What do you think, what will be its effect on the crypto world?
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In EU we have SEPA instant payments for some time now.

However it does not solve the issue that person can hold on his own private key the monetary value. Yes, bank deposits are guaranteed to 100k EUR and person can have the deposits in 10 different banks, but in the times of uncertainty where banks goes down people may prefer to hold value out of bank system.

As far as I know FED now is the similar thing as SEPA Instant payments.

I dont get it how we were able to run the US with MiCA regulation and payment systems, but i am happy i live in EU :slight_smile: