Flutter Algorand Wallet Demo released

as part of testing integration with Algorand and Manta protocol I am releasing a Flutter demo wallet.


Key generation and account is managed locally. Assets are handled. Anyway there is still a need to run an algod node for broadcasting transactions.

If somebody wants to make available an algod node, I can make it as default. Right now I am using just two api calls:

  • rawtxn
  • accountifo

History of transactions is coming from algo-explorer, so no need to keep node as archival.

This is intended to be a demo and not a final product, but I do believe it can be interesting for developers who want to build from it.

Good thing of being Flutter is that SHOULD run on IOS/ Android and macOS, web…

So far tested on IOS/macOS.

Glad to hear your feedbacks,


And here the link I could not post above due to some antispam not so smart policies of this forum

Search on repo github under alvistar algorand_flutter

@admins is it correct that I am unable to post a link to github??

Alessandro - You can use a free tier developer account from PureStake as a backend to POST transactions and fetch account info. There is a little work in tweaking the calls which is covered in the documentation. Try it out at https://developer.purestake.io

Linking it.

Thanks Tim, at the end I opened up some endpoints to our node so to make the wallet usable by everyone.

Hi Jason,
now the wallet does not require an extra Node, so perhaps it’s good time to advertise a little bit more.

I will add it to the community page. Thanks!

Thanks Jason.
Can we get in touch? I have an opportunity for Algorand with a big semiconductor company and I would need to get in touch with somebody responsible for business development, partnership building.

I can disclose details privately.