GP12 DeFi Rewards TDR Brainstorm - Messina

Cheers for your suggestions! mALGO isn’t a protocol token like DEFLY or VEST. So I don’t know if we want to use mALGO in that way, at least not for just holding perks and benefits. It’s designed for liquid staking. There may be other ways to bring perks and benefits into the protocol though. I need to give it some thinking!


Thanks for your inputs!

Not first time, new account though because Algo Foundry doesn’t exist anymore.


mALGOr NFT Project

We will present NFTs based on the amount of mALGO minted in the past.
Snapshots will also be necessary.

Baby mALGOr - 1-100 mALGOs
Lil’ mALGOr - 100-1K mALGOs
The mALGOr - 1K-10K mALGOs
OG mALGOr - 10K-100K mALGOs
Whale mALGOr - 100K- mALGOs

This is a tribute to Pera’s GovernorNFT.
Since it’s the first, we could use a little less variety.

The next idea is to give this NFT some utility.


$Messina Minting and Airdrop

We will also need a snapshot. We will distribute $Messina based on the number of mALGO minted and the usage of the bridge. Alternatively, users can claim them on the website.

In the future, $Messina can be used as fees for mALGO minting and bridge usage. The amount should be slightly more advantageous than regular fees.

Next, we will regularly airdrop $Messina to mALGOrNFT holders. About once a week. And if possible, collaborate with rxelms to also airdrop $NIKO.

Collaboration is the most effective way to increase participation, not just on YouTube. First, let more people know about Messina. Then get them to use it. If it’s not known, nothing will start.

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Some very creative ideas!


I love this idea @yazyyyyyyy.algo !

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