GP12 DeFi Rewards (TDR) Proposal - CompX

no GOLD and SILVER shouldnt be removed completely, but just because a VC/project/MM used these metals to mint a majority of xUSD its not an indication of actual users preferring these assets. hard to draw any conclusions from that imo

yes IL might be less but CompX as a project that has no direct affiliation with meld gold and shouldn’t force people into these pools just because they think it could be a better pool for them. CompX can have its own strategy that focuses on metals in some way, but choosing the current approach with 40% of the rewards going towards metals that are not easily redeemable and might have peg problems due to centralized MMs is at the very least a questionable choice and I want actual reasons because from my perspective it seems like its just the “we support our friends” game again which sucks

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@lobo You’ve been advised of the reason a couple of times now. Gold and Silver are our largest liquidity sources currently - we’d like to keep that and increase it if we can. Gold and Silver while not stable are less volatile than other crypto tokens so it makes sense for those along with USDC to be our main pools/farms for rewards.

The comment about forcing people to do anything doesn’t make sense - there are a wealth of DeFi options on Algorand and beyond - no one is being forced into anything.

As a third point, you’ll have seen that have also added incentives for the same pools - GOLD, SILVER and USDC. This is a deliberate and collaborative effort between ourselves and Pact. If you watch the video I posted in the opening to this thread I’ve explained that.

Finally, and to address your final comment around “we support our friends”, the CompX TDR strategy was created by me, published early to get feedback, we have been open and as transparent as we can. @mc_aus and other members of Optio didn’t have any tangible input into this proposal.

To insinuate that we are not working in the best interests of our users, our platform, the Algorand ecosystem and wider community is both insulting and disappointing. If after reading this post, watching the aforementioned video, looking at our activity in the xbacked and CompX discords you still feel we aren’t being genuine please let me know and I’m more than happy to discuss it on an X space.


Hey @lobo
Sorry mate if you don’t mind tagging me if responding just so I don’t miss it.
@Xxiled I think has covered it but that certainly isn’t fair or true.
The reasons have been stated but some stats if it is helpful:
~70% of Interest Revenue.
~77% of platform TVL.
~73% of DEX Liquidity.
Hopefully a stronger weighting in the rewards to other assets sees them grow, which I am excited for as more diversity for xUSD collateral is needed.

last response, cause in the end i gave feedback thats what i wanted if you disagree thats fine as long as you have good reasons for that.

its not about these absolute numbers, its about how many wallets contribute the majority of TVL through GOLD/SILVER? is it a few big wallets? what does the average user choose?

Hey @lobo
Appreciate it, I think challenging is the best way to battle test anything.
I do think (to label it) quantity of LP’s is definitely a metric, but even if you applied something like the Tinyman formula it would result in Gold & Silver getting even more rewards.


We have updated our proposal to include 5% for incentivising farms as part of Messina’s Token Wars program. We are partnering with Messina and for this program and are super excited to invite new liquidity from other ecosystems!