Help converting to an Int

Ok, lets say I have some app args


And they contain


How can I convert Bytes("134567890") to Int(1234567890) in Pyteal? Thanks

You need to write a subroutine for that.
You can look at:

That being said, in the specific case where the integer is an application argument, I would strongly recommend you to instead encode the integer following:
Store an int in key local variable - #2 by fabrice (in smart contract)
Save price/amount in contract - sdk js - #2 by fabrice (for encoding in the SDK)

This is much more compact and much less error-prone.
Decimal strings representing integers (like “123456”) should only be used for human-readable values (e.g., in Log) or in cases where you really have no choice of encoding (e.g., if you get a signed decimal integer).

Alright, thanks. Is the following code correct? I found it on github

_ascii_zero = 48
_ascii_nine = _ascii_zero + 9
ascii_zero = Int(_ascii_zero)
ascii_nine = Int(_ascii_nine)

def ascii_to_int(arg):
    """ascii_to_int converts the integer representing a character in ascii to the actual integer it represents

        arg: uint64 in the range 48-57 that is to be converted to an integer

        uint64 that is the value the ascii character passed in represents

    return Seq(Assert(arg >= ascii_zero), Assert(arg <= ascii_nine), arg - ascii_zero)

Call function:

int = ascii_to_int(Btoi(Txn.application_args[0]))

No, ascii_to_int is for a single character.
You need atoi: pyteal-utils/ at main · algorand/pyteal-utils · GitHub
that itself uses ascii_to_int.

Thank you for helping me!