Help please: Where is the file

I have installed the new version v2.0.2 stable( from the DEB package). But the file ‘’ seems not on the computer.

It is on ubuntu1804TLS, I tried

#find / -name

but no file is found.

If you know where is the file, or maybe I made any mistake in the installation, please kindly paste your answer here. Thanks.

Just wondering - assuming that you’ve installed the Debian package, why do you need the ?

Typically, the is used if you were to use the tarball installation. ( i.e. where the is invoking )

Because when I try to switch to the Betanet, following the instruction in

(1)in step3B the file is required.
(2)if I skip step3B,then step4 and step5 say ‘no such file or directory’
(3) I create the folder /var/lib/algorand/betanetdata, and copy the file from ./genesis/ instead of ./genesisfiles. But step5 say ‘no such file or directory’ (config.json.example)

so I think maybe I have to run first.

some weeks ago I succeeded to do that, but today it does not work.

Maybe the folder name in the tarball installation is different to that in the DEB package. so I have to modify the folder name manually.

I copied the file /var/lib/algorand/config.json.example to /var/lib/algorand/betanetdata/config.json, and then modify DNS to, now it seems ok.

~# goal node status -d betanetdata
Last committed block: 147
Time since last block: 0.0s
Sync Time: 6.0s
Last consensus protocol:
Next consensus protocol:
Round for next consensus protocol: 148
Next consensus protocol supported: true
Has Synced Since Startup: false
Genesis ID: betanet-v1.0
Genesis hash: mFgazF+2uRS1tMiL9dsj01hJGySEmPN28B/TjjvpVW0=

You need to use another install for betanet as the ubuntu install does not work it. Take a look at step 2 here:
You can have both betanet and mainnet or testnet running on the same machine if you use different data directories

@JasonW Thank you. Yes, I worry a little, because I did not strictly follow the instruction in the homepage, I think that maybe the betanet on my ubuntu1804tls is not the expected one, although it seems working well.

In step 2 it says:
2. Installing on Linux Distros (do not use the Ubuntu install directions as you will need access to the update script to switch to BetaNet).

I am going to install it on another cloud server, following

I am sure you can get it to work its just not as straight forward as it does things automatically as opposed to running “other distros” install.