How to register my relay node address?

I run a relay node on a remote machine by editing the “NetAddress” in the config.json file to be “:4161” since the node runs on the testnet.

the next step according to docs the next step is to register the IP:port in algorand srv. but did not mention how that is.

is there a form to fill or an API to call?

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Welcome to Algorand!

Running relays on TestNet is currently not open to the public. (Port 4161 is for TestNet relays.)

Why are you interested in running a TestNet relays?

Thanks for your reply.

Actually not for a specific reason just to try things around and found that testnet requires lower disk space and is faster to sync to the latest block.

I run another one on mainnet on port 4160. what should I do next?

Why are you interested in running a MainNet relay?

There is no reward associated to running a relay (at the protocol level - there are only programs for that, see below). In addition, the cost is quite high, in particular in terms of bandwidth and storage.

Currently, all the relays are part of relay programs, as detailed on General FAQ
But there is no such program open to new applicants right now.

This needs to change. Very hard to tout decentralization with answers like this.

Not for a personal reason. In fact, in Threefold Tech we have the playground that provides a simple interface to deploy various projects on TFGrid a decentralized internet infrastructure

And we targeted to provide a way to run different types of algorand nodes.
for now, we manage to create the automation process to run (non-participant & non-rely, participant & non-rely)
and work still in progress on (relay, indexer)

so is there any chance registering new applicants will be available soon?