How to top-up asset

Hello. I would like to top-up my custom asset with go sdk. How can I do that?

@fabrice could you please help me to solve this problem?

When I create asset I get 1000 units. But I want to increase the units of assets in the future. How can I accomplish that?

As specified here in the docs the Total parameter is immutable.

The way you can release more unforeseen ASA into circulation in Algorand is moving the ASA from its ReserveAddress. Once an amount of ASA leaves the ReserveAddress that amount is considered as “circulating”. You can think of the ReserveAddress as a custody of “inactive” ASA, that top-up what could potentially ever exist in circulation.

If you set the Total to the maximum (which is 2^64 -1 I believe) you will virtually have potentially huge quantity of ASA to address future unforeseen increment of circulating supply.

This being said, I see this question/doubt asked so frequently that I thing this information should be added to ASA docs.

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