How to use purestake api

i am trying setup indexer. how use purestake api in indexer. i want to setup indexer in my project how i can do it. I need full help for my project how to connect indexer in my project. I am working as a intern. i dont have any idea about it. so plz i need full help for my project

Hi, @vashishat , welcome on the Algorand Forum.
To use the Purestake indexer, go to and press “API login”. Register to use API. Login to API. Try out the curl calls on the APIs sheet.
You can use the indexer from the various development SDKs, e.g. from JavaScript, Java, Go, Python etc.
Please write from what environment would you like to use it.

i am using python for the indexer

See Indexer in the docs.

import json
# requires Python SDK version 1.3 or higher
from algosdk.v2client import indexer

# instantiate indexer client
myindexer = indexer.IndexerClient(indexer_token="your Purestake token", indexer_address="")

@Maugli Thanks so much I am trying this in terminal like sandbox