Started working with Algorand a couple weeks back and noticed the same questions pop up over and over again for people interested in spinning up an archival nodes. So I decided to create a site to answer this very specific question:

Hopefully you will find this dashboard useful :slight_smile:.

Edit: To the mods, not sure what the policy is for showing off projects on the forums so feel free to remove this post if need be


Thanks for this tool!

Feel free to also add it to docs/ at staging · algorand/docs · GitHub via a PR.
You may want to create a new category.

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Was about to add it to the community site, but the URL is now bad?

Hi Russ,

Sorry about that. Just had to temporarily migrate services. Should be up again in 2-3 hours.

Thanks. No problem. Very cool tool!

Hey Russ,

Website is live now :slight_smile:

  • Harsh

It would be so awesome if you could make chart from it :slight_smile:

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That sounds like a good idea so I just pushed a new update and it now has charts!

Also increased accessibility and added my Indexer DB as well (it’s still catching up at the moment.

Note, there is a small bug right now in the testnet node log data on my AWS account so you’ll see a dip which can be ignored.