I did not receive My algo from another account

I did not receive my deposit from other Binance account to Coinlist account. I did the all the instructions for making my deposit from Binance Algorand account to Coinlist Algorand account. I did not understand what happened. details are below.


Crpto currency : ALGO

Amount : 266.14332

Could you please help me ?After you check please inform me and you can send my money back to withdrawal address or you can deposit on my Coinlist account.

Welcome @isti to the Developer Forums.

Using the block explorer, we can observe a successful transaction from binance into the account you noted:

Note that the actual destination address and the address you wrote above are very similar but different:

the address you wrote:
the actual destination:

I am not completely sure why, but it is (almost) impossible that you could know the secret key of both addresses.

How did you get the address… did you scan it through qr code or did you copy/past it ?

Perhaps it can be solved in the future with increase correction level of qr code generation, but you should tell us what application you use…

Also the source system could notify you that the account where you are sending it has balance of 0, so you should increase awareness…

Dear RyanRfox,

I got the Algorand address from Coinlist.co and I did copy the address from Coinlist.co to deposit the amount and paste it to Binance Algorand and when I was doing this I checked the behinning, the middle and the end of the address to be sure to send to the right acoount. But I did not understand why this was happenned there was something wrong which was done not by me.
The address which I copied is BKU4R3Z54335EB3ZLWRDYF7JPJ4NKGUVK6BRLBZK2ZD563T4FNHHWM2W7A

But as I saw something was changed after I pasted on Binance because the actual address must be BKU4R3Z5435EB33ZLWRDYF7JPJ4NKGUVK6BRLBZK2ZD563T4FNHHWM2W7A

As you see above there is something wrong because on the actual address it must be BKU4R3Z5435EB33…as it follows, not BKU4R3Z54335EB3… as it follows. This was not my fault becuase as I mentioned I checked the beginning, the middle and the end as the experts said. So It was not possible for me to see that just one number is changed it is place.

If I you send my amount back to Binance acount which is send from Binance by the way or deposit that amount to my actual Algorand address on Coinlist.co, I will really appreciate it and you will really help me to solve this problem.

Thank you so much for your help.

Seems as bug of coinlist.co and you should open some inquiry to them… Note that end of the address where it has been sent does not match at all… BKU4R3Z54335EB3ZLWRDYF7JPJ4NKGUVK6BRLBZK2ZD563T4FNHE3XQDMU … DMU does not match W7A as you claim to be the destination …

I doubt that the 200 algos on the account BKU4R3Z54335EB3ZLWRDYF7JPJ4NKGUVK6BRLBZK2ZD563T4FNHE3XQDMU is reachable because it seems that nobody has private key to it…

Fabrice, or is there any type of mechanism to reverse transaction in the ledger other then signing the transation? Eg. if majority of governors would vote in favor of reducing balance of one account and increasing the balance of other account, it is just the matter of the relay nodes to accept this voted proposal transaction …

Thank you for all your effort.
As I mentioned the whole address is right, there was only one number(3) which is changed it’s place. In this case I am the victim of this bug problem. Please advise me what can I do or how can you help me?

Ludovit Scholtz via Algorand <algorand@discoursemail.com>, 26 May 2021 Çar, 16:30 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

I am afraid the Algos sent are not reachable.
You may contact Binance to see what they can do.

It looks like the following happened: when copying BKU4R3Z5435EB33ZLWRDYF7JPJ4NKGUVK6BRLBZK2ZD563T4FNHHWM2W7A, you inadvertently moved one of the character 3 from after ...EB3 to after ...543.
Normally this should not have been a problem because Algorand addresses have a checksum and the address BKU4R3Z54335EB3ZLWRDYF7JPJ4NKGUVK6BRLBZK2ZD563T4FNHHWM2W7A is invalid.

From what you tell, my guess is that Binance does not properly checked the validity of addresses and accepted your incorrect address instead of rejecting it. It then fixed the checksum to match, hence the address BKU4R3Z54335EB3ZLWRDYF7JPJ4NKGUVK6BRLBZK2ZD563T4FNHE3XQDMU.

In general, we recommend sending 1 Algo before any transfer to verify everything works properly. That is the advantage of Algorant: such a test transfer costs almost nothing (0.001 Algo).

Thank you for your answer. I know, your transfer fee is very low that is why first I sent 10 algo to another address and it reached right away to the right address.

So what can I do in this case? I tried to reach to Coinlist and sent emails but they are sending me an automatic email which says, they are busy and will answer my email in 7 or 10 days. Then I reached to Binance and they said, My withdrawal on their system was sent to the address and they said I have to contact with Coinlist.

But as you informed me the address which I took from Coinlist, is invalid. Please advise me what can I do, I really need your help because these two platforms are not really helping me.

Fabrice Benhamouda via Algorand <algorand@discoursemail.com>, 26 May 2021 Çar, 17:13 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

I reached to Binance and they said they can not do anything because it seems on their system everything is fine.
As you informed me if the address is invalid, my money is hanging somewhere on your blockchain. Could you please send back that money to Binance account?

Dear Algo Team,
I reached to Binance support team and they informed me the Algo which I withdraw from Binance was confirmed on their system so they said they can not help me in this situation.
If the address was invalid which I pasted on Binance, the money I withdraw must be hanging somewhere on your blockchain. Could you please help me to find that money and send the money back to Binance?

Fabrice Benhamouda via Algorand <algorand@discoursemail.com>, 26 May 2021 Çar, 17:13 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

Your best chance is to complain to binance because they have sent the algos to other account that you have requested. (see the end of the transaction)

To change algorand protocol to be able to transfer it in transaction signed by governance decision may take years and more questions will arrise when it will be discussed…

You have made the error in defining where money should go, binance changed the account to check with the checksum, and they have sent it there… so complain to them…

if you have proof that you have requested money to be sent to
and they have sent it to
it is their fault, and you should sue them in the worst case scenario

To whom I can complain?

Ludovit Scholtz via Algorand <algorand@discoursemail.com>, 26 May 2021 Çar, 19:54 tarihinde şunu yazdı: