Integration of Algorand in Sport (Algorise)

Algorise has a mission to enhance users ability to make payments on online Buying of Sports Tickets, Sporting Accesories, etc The token will also be used as an official currency for Sports Betting in the long run. This will replace the fiat option. i.e. Users can deposit and play with their Algorise tokens rather than their fiat currency.

Algorise holders will be able to participate in Fit-Enhancing related games in Virtual reality or Normal Automated Computer gaming that are licensed to be played on our Platform. The token will also be the currency for in-app purchases, level upgrades in the game and so much more.

Algorise is built on a Decentralized Blockchain Ecosystem that combines easy swapping of Algorise tokens to Algorand and vise versa. In short, Algorise is bridging the gap between Algorand and sports.
This initiative and the success of this project will bring a lot of audience and spotlight to the Algorand Blockchain/space with the length at which we want it to go.

Twitter: @algorisetoken

ASA: 384513011

Lawal, H.O
Team Head