Jitpack Not Serving Build Artifact For java-algorand-sdk version 1.5.1

Hi Devs, Please jitpack does not serve the build artefact of the version 1.5.1 of the java algorand SDK, even though it serves the version 1.5.0 properly, I just went through the logs of the build and there are two causes of the failure to serve the build artifact:

Thanks @jesulonimi for raising this build issue here. @will took a look on Monday and replied on Discord with:

It looks like they use an older version of the JDK which doesn’t understand this tag: https://github.com/algorand/java-algorand-sdk/commit/8e41bd59f9eaaab1702ca9739b1f54f9ba9487e4#diff-9c5fb3d1b7e3b0f54bc5c4182965c4fe1f9023d449017cece3005d3f90e8e4d8R247

I’m really not sure how best to troubleshoot.

Is Jitpack configurable to target a newer JDK version?

Jitpack seems to use an older version of Java than we do to publish binaries. You can ask them to use a newer version of Java, build the binaries yourself, or use the binaries we publish on maven.

All build tools that I’m aware of have a mechanism for pulling binaries from maven. Could you explain the benefit of jitpack as an alternative so that we can prioritize whether it should also be a tool we support?

I don’t know if this is possible but I’ll check if this is possible and get back to you

@will Jitpack helps serve the build artifact of remote repositories in a gradle project, even if they are Maven Projects, It’s really useful for android developers. It’s similar to Jcentre or MavenCentral, or is the java-algorand-sdk distributed over Jcentre or MavenCentral?

Or do you have a better suggestion of how we can drag in the java-algorand-sdk in android studio without Jitpack? Please if you do, let me know.

The SDK is available on Maven Central: Maven Central Repository Search

You may need to manually add Maven Central to Gradle: https://developer.android.com/studio/build/dependencies#remote-repositories

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Thanks a lot @fabrice, using mavenCentral works fine. Thanks a lot to @ryanRfox and @will for also trying to help out

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