Kindly Review Algorand Powered RIM Blockchain

We are building a blockchain for buying/Selling of Scrap and recyclables. Any suggestions, recommendations and critics are very welcome. We have just completed the initial phase and can find it here

The aim of RIM Block Chain is to build a decentralized marketplace for fast and secure trading of scrap and recyclables. The global trade volume of scrap and recyclables is around $132 billion. However, the scrap market has a lot of pain points, such as widespread fraud on quantity, quality delivery etc. Radioactive, banned types of scraps, inflated logistics costs etc. results in huge losses.

With RIM Block Chain the supplier creates his assets on the Algorand main net which is accessible to Buyers, Logistic Companies, Clearing agents, Freight Forwarders, Inspection agencies and others involved in the trade and thus eliminating the need for third parties, delays, fraud & dubious contracts.