Multisigi transaction from Java to Javascript

Hi there,
I have a client A that uses the JavaSDK to produce a multisig address composed by the account A and B and a signed transaction. The transaction is signed by A only.

A wants to send the transaction to the backend B, so B can sign it and send to the blockchain.

A sends to B this JSON:


Now B has to parse the json to reconstruct all the objects he needs to complete the transaction and send it to the blockchain.

How can i achieve this in JavascriptSDK? Is there some JSON parser that i can use? Thanks!

It is usually simplest to serialize all the data in msgpack, instead of JSON.

You should be able to use the transaction method .bytes() ( to serialize the transaction in Java.

Then, in JS, you can use, if you just need to append a multisig signature.
You can also use algosdk.decodeObj to decode the transaction, followed by

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