New store accepting payment in ALGO [Adoption]

Remove this if inappropriate mods, I’ve launched a new Crypto e-commerce store accepting payment in ALGO, offering ELITE health products/supplements. I’ve been in the biohacking game for a decade AND have very high standards for the purity of the supplements, Nootropics, anti-aging stuff that I use myself, recommend, and now sell for Algorand.

Algonauts, this is the stuff you want to empower your health and productivity.

My commitment is also that I’ll HODL at least 10% of the ALGO payments I receive. Wish I could do more, as I do believe the coin has good prospects, but this kind of business is more cash-intensive than you might imagine and I’ve yet to convince my upstream suppliers to accept payment in it.

Could I share my store here?

i think you can share your store here as well in the directories such as or if it provides some tools at Ecosystem Tools & Projects | Algorand Developer Portal

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Great, thanks! Shared here Limitless Health Store - #PayWithALGO