Node type and disk usage

Hi all.
I installed algorand with these commands:

git clone
cd go-algorand
make install

Then, in order to use the testnet network, I started the node in this way:

mkdir ~/.algorand-testnet
cp installer/genesis/testnet/genesis.json ~/.algorand-testnet/genesis.json
goal node start -d ~/.algorand-testnet

My questions are : Is my node a non-relay node? Does it store the entire ledger on disk? How much disk space does it need?

Any help?

By default, nodes are non-relay non-archival. They store the full account table on disk, but only the last 1000 blocks of transactions.

On my computer, the data folder takes 2.8GB, but most of it is taken by agreement.cdv* and node.log* which can be safely removed (they are only there for logging/debugging). Without them, the data folder would take around 340MB.

OK, I asked because I didn’t set any config.json file and I didn’t find any goal command to discover the default node setup.

Now the algorand data folder on my computer is roughly 2.8 G, but I don’t know whether the node is synchronized or still catching up.

Thanks a lot !

To check if you’re synced up, run goal node status and check that “Sync Time” is 0s.

You can also compare the last committed block with the block reported on block explorers such as or

Thanks again for your suggestions!